Collegiate GHD

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      Made in USA        Yes
      Depth                    69"
      Width                    31"
      Height                   54"
      Pad Height           10"
      Pad Width            18" Each
      Material                11 Gauge American Steel 
      Upholstery           Double-stitched Premium Naugahyde
      Finish                     Texture or Gloss Powder 
      Wheels                   Urethane
      Band Pegs             Yes 


The Sorinex Glute Ham Developer “GHD” has been completely redesigned for 2019. Utilizing our 4-way hole technology, the new GHD is multi-functional and accepts most Sorinex Rack Attachments. This is the most versatile GHD on the market. Like most Sorinex machines, the GHD will save you space and increase the adaptability of your weight room. The 3-Way Adjustable Foot Plate allows every size of athlete to move comfortably and securely. Utilize for glute ham raises, back extensions, abdominal work, and more.

The Sorinex Glute Ham Developer is Made-To-Order. Lead times are currently 6-8 weeks. 

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