Flat Pack Kickbox

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   Made in USA           Yes
   Category                 Plyo Boxes
   Length                     30"
   Width                       24"
   Height                      20"
   Weight                     50 lbs
   Material                   9-layer plywood
   Finish                       CNC Machined

The Sorinex Flat Pack Kickbox is one plyobox that can be used for multiple athletes needing different box heights. The 20", 24", and 30" sides make it great for any gym or WOD.

Our "puzzle-piece" design means that each wood side interlocks with the other to ensure strength and prevent breakthroughs. All wood sides are now CNC machined for consistency and simple assembly.

The 9-ply wood we use is thicker than most others, keeping in stride with the high strength standard Sorinex is known for. The boxes also have rounded corners instead of harsh edges to prevent tearing up shins when you come up short. The new flat pack design allows us to lower the price and shipping cost with only minor assembly required.

Flat Pack Kickbox


Flat Pack Kickbox Spec Sheet