Fat Bar

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   Made in USA                        Yes
   Length                                  84"
   Weight                                  32 lbs
   Diameter                              2"
   Sleeve Construction         Welded
   Sleeve Length                     15.75″
   Bushing/Bearing                Fixed
   Finish                                    Black Texture Powder 

The Sorinex Fat Bar is a non-revolving, axle type bar. The 2″ thick diameter provides thick-grip training, but with the versatility of an Olympic barbell. Fat bar training improves overall grip, forearm, bicep and upper body strength. Textured black powder coated finish for increased grip and durability. The lighter weight makes the Fat Bar viable for any training level, but the sleeves are long enough to load up to nearly 450 LBS.

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Spring collars will not work with non-machined bars.


Fat Bar Spec Sheet