Diamond Bar

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   Made in USA                         Yes
   Length                                   87"
   Width                                     49"
   Raised Handle Height       6"
   Sleeve Length                     16"
   Weight                                   60 LB | 70 LB (Double)
   Material                                11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                                     Black Texture Powder 


The Sorinex Diamond Bar is an industry first and Sorinex Original. Designed in 2002 when President/CEO Bert Sorin needed his trap bar (hex bar) to work within the rack to overhead press, but existing models were too short. The Sorinex Diamond Bar was born and became the first of its kind long enough (16-inch sleeves) to integrate into a rack. The Double Handle Diamond Bar features varied pulling positions that are easy to use by simply flipping the Diamond Bar over. Pull, press, deadlifts, shrugs, carries and more.

Sorinex Diamond Bar (1)

The Spring Collar will not work with non-machined bars.


Diamond Bar Spec Sheet