Desk Caddie

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The Sorinex Desk Caddie, your solution to declutter and streamline your workspace. Crafted with precision from the same 11-gauge American steel that is used on our racks and machines in top facilities throughout the country.

Featuring slots for pens, markers, business cards, and your cell phone, the Desk Caddie ensures everything has its place for effortless organization.

In an effort to minimize waste and be resourceful, the Desk Caddie is made from Recycled materials. During the process of manufacturing our racks we end up with a drop of previously unused steel. To eliminate that waste, and make something useful and affordable, we came up with the Desk Caddie and priced it accordingly. Free Shipping for the Contiguous U.S.

Lead time for orders is approx. 4-6 weeks.



   Width                    14.5"
   Height                   3"
   Depth                    3"
   Includes               Desk Caddie (1)

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