DC Block®

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Must buy minimum of 12 DC Blocks at a time


   Length                    19"
   Width                      15.5"
   Height                      2"
   Material                  Impact-Resistant
                                     Compression Molded Plastic

The new design of DC Blocks® relies on a crenelated bumper to allow for greater lateral wall strength on the ends while continuing to provide DC Blocks with unique interlocking stability front to back and top to bottom. Each crenellation allows sideways force attenuation to avoid sidewall blowout.

The new crenelated DC Block design will interlock underneath the previous version of DC Blocks, but not over. Lift from and return the weights in the middle 1/3 of the DC Block, as if the area from which to lift/return is the middle square of a "tic-tac-toe" game.

Return the weights using control. DC Blocks are made with 100% recycled plastic and will not chip, crack, break or rust. Lift in temperatures from 30 Degrees to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures cooler may increase brittleness and temperatures hotter may lead to excessive softening.

The DC Blocks warranty is null and void if they are not used in the above fashion and/or if the blocks are combined with any other piece of equipment, such as on top of wooden jerk boxes.


DC Block Spec Sheet