Dark Horse Safety Straps

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   Made in USA       Yes
   Length                 32"
   Width                   3"
   Weight                 14 lbs
   Material              11 Gauge American Steel
                                 Durable Webbing
   Finish                  Black Texture Powder Coat

3" Reinforced Black Nylon Webbing
Laser Cut and Formed American Steel Brackets
Micro/Macro Adjustments
Angles Positioning for Bench Press
Rated 10,000 lbs (each strap)
Custom Color Bracket Options

Safer bench, squat, pulls and presses are a must have for the modern day training environment. The Sorinex Safety Straps are an integrated safety system for safer and more efficient movement. Micro adjustments via each 1" hole allow angled strap positioning while benching. Macro adjustments allow for all pulling and pressing to be done inside the rack. Step-ups inside the rack have never been safer. Attach to the inside of Dark Horse for safer lower/upper body movements. Increase the longevity of your bars and minimize wear on the knurling.

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Dark Horse Safety Straps Spec Sheet