XL Series™ Competition Bench

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   Made in USA                  Yes
   Length                            54″
   Width                              48″
   Height                             72″
   Weight                            221 lbs
   Back Pad Size               48.5″ x 14.5″
   Pad Thickness              3″
   Upholstery                    Premium Naugahyde Leather
   Material                         11 Gauge American Steel

“Tar Cloth” No-Slip Bench Pad Allows for Hard Leg Drive
Soft Straps Protects the Bar and Fingers in a Way no Steel Can
Sorinex Safety Strap System

The Sorinex XL Series Competition Bench is the ultimate competition bench press for serious lifters. The unique Sorinex Safety Strap system eliminates the risk to hit your face or throat with the bar, while still giving enough range of motion to touch your chest. Steel bars CANNOT do this. Straps allow for micro adjusting with lockouts (less than 1″ increments). Soft straps also protect the bar and fingers. “Tar Cloth” no-slip bench pad allows for hard leg drive.

Can be upgraded to a wider 14.5″ pad. Plate storage via Fixed Urethane Utility Pins is an optional add-on. Branded colors and logo options are available. The bench is bolted together via our iconic 1" Cold Rolled Steel Bolts and easily brakes down to store in the trunk of a car if traveling to meets.

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XL Competition Bench Spec Sheet
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