Chest Supported Row™ Machine

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   Made in USA                                          Yes
   Max Length                                            60"
   Max Width                                              47"
   Max Height                                            60"
   Pad Width                                              10"
   Pad Thickness                                      3"
   Diamond Foot Plate Width               25"
   Diamond Foot Plate Height             16"
Sorinex Chest Supported Row Machine


The Sorinex Chest Supported Row is a leverage machine that is designed to utilize the many strengths of a traditional chest supported row with the added versatility of the Sorinex system. The main arm of the Sorinex Chest Supported Row is designed to be plate loaded with a universal joint attachment that allows the arm to move laterally as well as vertically. The arm is equipped with rotating adjustable spring-loaded handles to allow vertical grip as well as horizontal grip and all grips in between. The 4-way hole technology allows you to attach band pins or utility pins to add banded resistance or assistance. As far as chest supported row machines are concerned this is the best on the market.


Chest Supported Row™ Spec Sheet
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