Center Mass Bell®

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   Material                 Ductile Iron
   Finish                     Black Texture Powder 
   Warranty               Limited Lifetime




Patented and Trademarked

The Sorinex Original Center Mass Bell® is a step above similar products; a modern interpretation of historically proven methods ranging from the 11th century India’s Nal Stones to even the ancient Chinese art of black cauldron lifting. 

We have perfected this cylindrical weight to balance in all three planes. The  CMB  offers the most simplistic form of external load and allows athletes to focus on natural gross loaded movement. This provides a shorter learning curve and a faster and more connected kinetic chain. For coaches and trainers, this will allow you to achieve the results you are looking for in a much shorter time, with less risk to your athletes.

The CMB is made with ductile iron as opposed to cast iron, which is more prone to cracking when dropped on hard surfaces. Ductile iron is a more expensive material, but we strive to ensure the highest quality with all our products. Therefore the CMB has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

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The terms “CMB™” and “Center Mass Bells®” and their variants are trademarks owned by Sorinex.



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