Sorinex Standard Series Bosco™ Power Bar

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   Bar Type                        Power Bar
   Weight                           20 KG
   Diameter                       28.5mm
   Sleeve Length              16.5"
   Knurling                         Medium Aggressive Knurling
   Center Knurl                 Yes
   Shaft Coating               Black Zinc or Black Cerakote
   Tensile Strength         190,000 PSI
   Static Load                    2000lb tested
   Construction                Pressed, Machined, and Plated
   Bushing/Bearing         Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings


Sorinex Bosco Power Bar


For close to a decade, we have put our Performance Bars in weight rooms across the country. The concept was simple. Offer a barbell that is durable in design, versatile in function, and cost effective - It is our favorite all around performance barbell.

We are expanding this effort with the launch of our Sorinex Standard Series Barbells. We have taken the guess work out of bars with straight forward solutions and a no frills approach to their application.

The Sorinex Standard Series Bosco™ Power Bar is our standard power lifting bar. It comes in Black Zinc or Black Cerakote. The Bosco™ Power Bar has a medium aggressive knurling, a center knurl and power lifting knurl marks. It has a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI and has self lubricating bronze bushings. 

100% Made in USA. Custom Colors and Branding Available.

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Bosco™ Power Bar Spec Sheet

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