Bosco Bumpers

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   Plate Diameter           17.72"
   Hub                                4140 Polished Steel
   Durometer Rating      91 ShoreA +-1
   Material                        Ultra Urethane
   Warranty                      LIFETIME


The Sorinex Original Bosco Bumpers are unlike any other bumper on the market. Highest quality machined steel and urethane, made in North America to the competition tolerances. These bumpers blend custom logos, short lead times, and a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Calibration allows for use in Olympics lifting or powerlifting. Tested and lifted by some of America’s strongest lifters. The bumper of the future is here, and only from Sorinex.

Sold Individually. Branded Logo & Color Options Available. 

Bumper Sets Include:
160 LB Set: Pair of 10 LB, 25 LB, 45 LB
230 LB Set: Pair of 10 LB, 25 LB, 35 LB, 45 LB

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