Log Bar

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   Made in USA                        Yes
   Length                                  84"
   Weight                                  40 lbs (Training), 57 lbs (6"),
                                                  62 lbs (8"), 110 lbs (10")
   Diameter                             1.12", 6", 8", 10"
   Sleeve Length                    16" (12" for 10" Bar)
   Sleeve Construction        Welded
   Material                               11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                                    Black Texture Powder 

Neutral Grip Handles for Strongman Training
Three Sizes Available plus Training Bar
Reduces Shoulder Stress on Pressing

The Sorinex Log Bar offerings come with fully knurled parallel handles. They fit in standard Sandwich J-Hooks and are perfect for training for the log press. Three sizes and a training bar are available ranging from 40 lbs to 110 lbs to fit the needs of any individual. A must have for strongman training.

Log Bar (1)

 Spring collars will not work with non-machined bars.


10" Log Bar Spec Sheet
8" Log Bar Spec Sheet
6" Log Bar Spec Sheet
Training Bar Spec Sheet