Triphasic™ Bars

Length: 36″
Material: 11 Gauge American Steel
Finish: Black Texture Powder Coat
Fits: Base Camp Series | XL Series | Dark Horse Racks

First Rack Attached Triphasic Bars
Vertical Attachment Points for Bands, TRX, Rings etc
Made famous by Cal Dietz and Ben Peterson, “Triphasic Training” Book
Secured with 1″ Bolt Fasteners
Custom Color Options

The Sorinex Triphasic Bars were designed out of necessity. An industry first. The principles of Triphasic Training made famous by Cal Dietz and Ben Peterson required high vertical attachment points. Primarily used for over-speed plyometrics or assisted vertical jumps. Now, many coaches utilize these vertical attachment points for much more. Pull-up variations, TRX or ring attachment points, hanging heavy bags or attached to Jammer Arms for a dynamic push/pull movement. Sorinex created an innovative training solution that has now evolved into another space-saving multi-functioning tool. As coaching philosophies changed and new training environments were created, the Triphasic Bars found their home. More modularity, functional safety, and space-saving movements. Bilateral and unilateral movements. Dynamic, variable, or isometric. Standing or seated. Press, row, squat, pull, jump or land. Your training options are limitless. Thus, a new proven concept; room for constant growth, change, and efficient training time use was created and forever changed the strength training equipment world.

Triphasic Bars – A History of Firsts
First rack attached triphasic bars
First 4-way hole design
First moveable, adjustable, customizable vertical attachment points
First to use “utility pin”
First band attached triphasic arms on racks

Triphasic Arms (2)
Adjustble Loop Handles (2)
1″ Bolt Fasteners (4)

Custom work available, call (803) 978-2253 for pricing and additional information.

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