7′ Log Training Bar

Note: spring collars will not work with non-machined bars
Bar Type: Specialty
Diameter: 28.5mm
Length: 84″
Knurl Marks: Fully Knurled
Center Knurl: No
Shaft Coating: Black Texture Powder Coat
Tensile Strength:
Sleeve Coating:
Black Texture Powder Coat
Sleeve Construction:
Bushing/Bearing: Fixed

The Sorinex Original Log Training Bar (40 LBS) is a 7-Foot bar with parallel handles that will fit in a standard J-Cups. This bar is great for training for the log press. The parallel grip is ideal for putting the shoulders and wrists in a more comfortable position when bench pressing or overhead pressing and is made in the U.S.A.

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    5 out of 5

    Review of the Sorinex Log Training Bar

    Not to be confused with the Log Bar, and not unlike BWTG’s Multi Grip Press Bar, Sorinex’s Log Training Bar is a versatile, over-engineered barbell with excellent/aggressive knurled, neutral, handles encased by a 1/2″ thick “cage”, spaced 21.5″ apart on center.


    Shipping/Packaging: 10
    Bought on Black Friday and received exactly one week later; fast in my book considering the uptick in volume I’m sure that they received. I can’t imagine it could reasonably have been packaged any better; no box, instead it was wrapped tight with a very thick shipping/cargo blanket, thereafter wrapped in layers and layers of plastic wrap. Unwrapped, the bar is in immaculate condition; not one single scratch or ding anywhere. I expect this for a premium product, even for a “tool”.


    Build Quality: 10+
    The bar sleeves are made of a robust sch 80 tubing (Rogue uses a thinner sch 40 on their specialty press bars, as does BWTG except on their Multi Grip Bar). The cages that house the handles are 1/2″ thick with 3/8″ gussets found on the inner and outer sides, top & bottom of each cage (for comparison, BWTG uses a thinner 3/8″ for their cage, and even thinner on their gussets which are only found on the outer sides). The Sorinex gussets are fully welded on all surface area that touches the bar (for comparison, BWTG’s has very large gussets as compared to Sorinex’s, though small weld points and, again, thinner metal). The welds are incredibly clean, better than Rogue and far better than BWTG. Not sure if that matters from a strength standpoint, but just an observation and welcome on a premium bar. No weight rating, but given Sorinex’s pedigree I expect it to hold-up in any commercial environment. In-fact, I know that at least a couple of universities have this bar in their training facilities. The Sorinex bar weighs in at 40lbs.


    Grip/Knurl: 10+++
    The knurl is AGGRESSIVE in general, but even more so when you compare it all other specialty bars (again, BWTG comes to mind with its mild knurling). I sold my BWTG angled football bar because it lacked a knurl. After I bought the Sorinex bar but before I received it, I was wondering if the knurling was even necessary; after receiving the Sorinex bar, it was LOVE at first grip. This bar is 100% worth it for the grip alone.


    Finish: 10
    The powdercoating job is fantastic; very even, and is a deep black that sparkles.

    Functionality/Utility: 9.5-10
    This bar can be used for a variety of exercises including bench presses, shoulder press, log press, hammer curls and bent-over rows. There is lots of utility here, and in many instances it performs better than the more traditional bars used for those exercises. For instance, when benching this bar serves to keep your elbows tight, wrists in a neutral position that takes the stress off of your shoulders, all the while blasting your chest far better than a traditional barbell. I probably would have preferred handles around 18″ on center, but 21.5″ works fine. The only con, which is consistent with other similar bars I’ve used, is that at heavier weights it can begin to slip from your hands. This though is the result of having neutral handles and not a flaw in design; if anything, because of the excellent knurl I was able to knock-out a few more reps where I have bailed on other similar neutral/angled bars. For overhead presses, much of the preceding is relevant, but it also allows you to “dodge” your chin better. This bar also performs very well for curling, and I love that it is rackable.

    This is not meant to be a knock on other bars, especially Dean’s equipment which is excellent, but rather more of a comparison and a testament to the quality of a premium bar like Sorinex’s.

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