Tactical Training Plate

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   Length                   12.25"
   Width                     10.5"
   Weight                   5 lb | 7 lb | 10 lb
   Material                 Steel


Contoured Wrap Around Design
Laser Cut Numbers
Stackable Storage

The Sorinex Tactical Training Plates are available in 5, 7, and 10 LB increments. Designed in conjunction with US Military and LEO personnel. These plates are an adaptation of the standard flat plates used in weighted vests for safer and more efficient movement. The Sorinex Tactical Training Plates are designed with contoured sides that wrap around the natural taper of the human body with radial edges that promote comfort and minimizes wear and tear.  The plates come color coordinated by weight with laser cut numbers of easy identification and are designed to stack together for easy storage and transport.

Sorinex Tactical Training Plate (Pair)

This product provides NO BALLISTIC PROTECTION. The user has accepted the responsibility that this product is NOT FOR USE AS BODY ARMOR, call (803) 978-2253 for additional information.


Tactical Training Plate Spec Sheet

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