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38 Years
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The Iron Game

The History of Sorinex

It’s 1980, a small-town schoolteacher from South Carolina sweats over a hot piece of hand-cut steel in his 2-car garage. He had already taught the scholastic weightlifting club that morning, followed by AM bus duty. Then, 8 hours of gym class and PM bus duty all in an effort to gain a few extra dollars to invest in his business. Following the school day, he would tear across town to make it to the steelyard just before closing. He would strap as much steel as he could onto the roof of his 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser and drive back across town to build his business and dream, Sorinex Exercise Equipment.

Weightlifting was Richard Sorin’s life. With an extensive background in both collegiate track and field and national level Olympic weightlifting, he not only knew weight training, he loved weight training. At the time, weight training was archaic and not specialized in any way; with super-strong, customizable, sport-specific weightlifting equipment not being available. With the standards “set” by weightlifting equipment manufacturers being so low, Richard Sorin did the only thing he could to meet his standard as a weightlifter, a craftsman, and an inventor; he made his own.

His vision was to make functional, customizable strength training equipment, with a level of structural integrity that was unmatched. The equipment was not only built to be tough and built around the needs of the user, but also built to push the boundaries of all things strength. Richard Sorin’s growing personalized gym included groundbreaking pieces of equipment, he would sell this equipment to local gyms, schools, and institutions. This was the birthplace of modern grip training.

As time passed, the inventor honed his craft by constantly improving upon existing designs. A flurry of notes, measurements, procurement documents, and redesign sheets continued to advance the Sorinex Exercise Equipment line. The equipment improved, and Richard Sorin’s legacy was forged in steel. He raised the standards for all strength training equipment.

Thirty-Eight years later, Sorinex Exercise Equipment employs more people than ever before and works with hundreds of colleges and high schools, over 90 % of the NFL, a slew of military bases, and some of the strongest folks to ever wrap their hands around a barbell. Even after becoming the industry standard for strength straining equipment, the core values of Sorinex have never changed. Sorinex remains a family owned business that emphasizes the “Culture of Strength” through its’ community; a community based on great customers and friends. 

We want to take the opportunity to thank YOUour customers, supporters, vendors and friends for being the foundation on which Sorinex is built. Without YOU, there is no Sorinex. We promise to serve YOU with the best strength training equipment, culture, and service in the industry; now and for decades to come.

Physically Cultured

Sorinex is the leading innovator in American made strength and conditioning equipment.
“My goal is to become more extraordinary myself so that Sorinex becomes more extraordinary as a company and as a culture. Then we’re able to offer more to the world of strength.”
President & Owner

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