Autospot Bench

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   Length                                   70"
   Width                                     71″
   Height                                    47″
   Back Pad Size                       48″ x 14.5"

Autospot Functionality For Easier Lift-Offs
Adjustable J-Cup Heights
Integrated Storage Pins
Integrated Vertical Bar Storage

The Autospot bench is an industry first and a Sorinex Original. It is a one-of-a-kind system for safer and more efficient bench press movements. Unlike most benches, you will not need a “lift-off” from a spotter. The Adjustable J-Cups move out over the chest for a safer and simpler starting press. Once the bar is lifted, the J-Cups will automatically snap back to their original position for. Decrease risk of shoulder injury and increase your bench efficiency with the Autospot bench.

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Autospot Bench Spec Sheet
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