Half Safety Bars

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   Length                 24" or 30"
   Width                   3"
   Height                 12"


Attach Directly to front/inside/top of rack for use or storage
High-Density Plastic Protection
Store Vertically or Horizontally
Custom Color Options

The Sorinex Half Safety Bars are a modern and versatile upgrade from the traditional half spotter bar. Attach to front of half racks or full racks for safer lower/upper body movements. Attach a Sorinex Utility Seat for step-ups, box squats, or hyperextensions. The Sorinex Half Safety Bars support the athlete inside or outside of the rack. Holes line each side for increased versatility and attachment capability. Utilize Adjustable Utility Pins to create temporary dip stations or catch bays for Olympic rack pulls. Control the risk in your training environment. Allow more athletes than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility. 

The 30” Half Safety Bars are 6” longer than our standard design. Suggested for use in conjunction with Fixed or Adjustable Jammer Arms for better clearance and increased safety.  

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Half Safety Bars Spec Sheet