Full Safety Bars

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   Length                      Base Camp:42" XL: 41"
   Width                        3"
   Height                      8"

Originally designed for safety, the Sorinex Full Safety Bars function as an adjustable attachment platform. Coupled with a wide range of accessories, these spotter bars add more conditioning and rehab exercises to your rack, such as dual-sided dip station (each spotter bar), band pegs, assorted pins, utility seat platform and more. Holes are numbered for band compatibility. Dip stations can be adjusted for height and shoulder width. Use them up high for palms facing out pull-up.

*Base Camp Safety Bars come with numbering, XL Safety Bars do not. XL Safety Bars are 1" shorter in length to properly fit within your XL Series Rack. 

Full Safety Bar (2)
Hitch Pin (4)


Full Safety Bars Spec Sheet