Fatwing™ Bars

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   Length                 26.5"
   Width                   14.6"
   Grip Dia.              2"

Ergonomic "Batwing" Shape
Knurled Grip
Optimized for Wide | Narrow | Neutral Grips
Bolt-On Design
Mighty Mitts™ Rack Balls for Grip Development

The Sorinex Fatwing™ Bars have been designed to bolt-on to any side of your rack, rig, or bridge. Wide and narrow grip pull-ups, chin-ups, and grip positions are integrated into an ergonomic system for safer and more efficient movement. Pull-Ups, hangs, attachment points and more. The Sorinex Fatwing™ Bars bring the athlete into optimal overhead pulling positions allowing them to perform sport specific movements. Attach your TRX straps, rings or ropes for a high anchor point. Mighty Mitts™ Rack Ball attachments bring the functionality of grip strength development inside the rack. Allow more athletes than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility. 

Sorinex Fatwing™ Bar (Pair)
1" Cold Rolled Steel Bolts (4)
*Does NOT include Abbreviated Arch



Fatwing™ Bars Spec Sheet

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