ANCORE Pro Cable Trainer

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Commercial level cable training at a fraction of the cost and space. ANCORE Pro was made for athletes, coaches, or facilities looking to take their training to a whole new level.

Mounting Options


Plate Dock

Seamlessly store resistance plates at your facility or home gym without taking up space. The Plate Dock is the perfect complement to any ANCORE training setup. Make it a staple of your space by easily attaching it to the wall or using the strap to secure it to almost any squat rack or rounded fixture.


   Length                                        12" (Fully Loaded)
   Depth                                          4.75"
   Height                                         3"
   Base Resistance                       5 lbs
   Max Resistance                        65 lbs 1:1
   Cable Length                            96"


1 x ANCORE Pro Base Unit
1 x Strap Mount
4 x 10 lbs resistance plates
2 x 5 lbs resistance plates
Handle attachment


Ancore User Manual

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