Rack Attached 4-Way Neck Machine

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The 4-Way Neck Attachment is an industry first design and Sorinex Original. It is a versatile rack attachment that can be used for neck, lower, and upper body movement. We began the development of this simple solution by listening to our community and hearing the high-demand for easier to use neck machines. We eliminated large space consuming neck machines and brought the functionality to your rack, rig, or Iron Bear™ Storage unit. Utilize this versatile attachment for upper and lower body work like abductor/adductor movements, knee raises, hip rotations, and leg extensions/curls. Attach to the front, rear, inside or outside of the rack for variable function and storage.



   Depth                    24" when extended
   Width                    10"
   Height                   27.5"
   Upholstery           Double-Stitched Premium Naugahyde

4 Way Neck Machine (1)



4-Way Neck Spec Sheet

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