S.I.T.T.™ Tactical Sled

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   Length                    47.5″
   Width                      29″
   Weight                    70.5 lbs


Patent Pending Design
Resistance Poles
Short & Long Resistance Bands

The S.I.T.T.™ (Stress Induction Tactical Trainer™) a.k.a Tactical Tortoise™  is a unique Patent Pending training system designed by Sorinex Exercise Equipment®. Using a combination of explosive strength training and resistance training the S.I.T.T.™ system is designed to improve the core strength of tactical operators. The S.I.T.T.™ system is a range training tool, that can be used with the operator’s actual weapons (handguns, rifles, edge weapons, hands only.), or training weapons. When utilized in various drills and firing positions the S.I.T.T.™ system reduces target acquisition time, improves weapon retention, creates muscle memory, and builds endurance. This allows the operator to acquire the target faster and STAY on target for extended periods of time. The sled is a 70-pound pull, but weight can be added by using standard Olympic weights or sandbags (not included) for use in various drills to build lower body and leg strength. Whether pulling security duty, engaging multiple threats or getting a casualty out of harm’s way the S.I.T.T.™ system is a multi-purpose training tool that develops stronger, more efficient operators.

Exclusively Available: DOD, LEO, Federal, and Certified S.I.T.T.™ Instructors. Training certification available, talk to sales rep for more details.

S.I.T.T.™ SLED Basic Package includes:

  • (1) S.I.T.T. Sled
  • (3) Resistance Poles
  • (2) Standard Resistance Band System (Yellow)
  • (1) Short Weapons Band System (Black)
  • (1) Long Weapons Band System (Black)
  • (2) Wrist Straps
  • (1) Weapons Straps
  • (1) 10′ Utility Cordura Strap
  • (3) Carabiners


S.I.T.T.™ SLED Uber Package  includes:

  • (1) S.I.T.T. Sled
  • (3) Resistance Rods
  • (2) Standard Resistance Bands System (Yellow)
  • (2) Heavy Resistance Band System (Red)
  • (1) Short Weapons Band System (Black)
  • (1) Long Weapons Band System (Black)
  • (2) Wrist Straps
  • (1) Weapons Strap
  • (1) 10′ Utility Cordura Strap
  • (3) Carabiners
  • (1) Push Handle



S.I.T.T.™ Sled Spec Sheet