Sorinex Outdoors Large Strength Bands

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Our Strength Bands are ideal for stretching and recovering as well as resistance and lifting. The bands are 41″ long and range in resistance from our 5-15 LB Micro Set to our 60-150 LB strong band pairs. Now in new outdoors colors.



   Length                       41"
   Material                    Layered Rubber
   Cool Gray                  1/4" x 4.5mm LFL approx 5-15 lbs
   Desert Tan                1/2" x 4.5mm LFL approx 20-25 lbs
   Mini Black                 1/2" x 6.35mm LFL approx 30-50 lbs
   Forest Green             1-1/8" x 4.5mm LFL approx 40-80 lbs
   Dark Gray                  1-3/4" x 4.5mm LFL approx 50-120 lbs
   Blue                             2-1/2" x 4.5mm LFL approx 60-150 lbs

Sorinex Large Strength Bands (2)
*All Bands Sold In Pairs

Strength Set Includes:
Micro Strength Bands (Cool Gray)
Mini Strength Bands (Desert Tan)
Monster Mini (Black)
Light Strength Bands (Forest Green)
Average Strength Bands (Dark Gray)
Strong Strength Band (Moss)



Sorinex Outdoors Large Strength Bands Spec Sheet

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