Infinity Tubes™

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   Circumference          78"
   Orange                        Very Light
   Red                              Light
   Mini Black                 Medium Light
   Purple                        Medium
   Green                         Medium Heavy
   Blue                            Heavy
   Made In                      North America


Example Movements


Sorinex has partnered with Inertia Wave™ to create the Infinity Tube™ bands. The Infinity Tube™ loop design makes one circular band to be used for warm-up, prehab, and rehab movements. The loading parameters are different compared to our Strength Bands which are better for high tension strength & power work. The load does not stack as fast so you can get to end ranges of motion easier. The Infinity Tube™ bands are best suited for general movement and exercise. The tube design gives an easier and more comfortable grip. They are easier to clean and have less of a traditional "band smell" to them. Made in North America with free shipping for the contiguous United States. 

Note: Tube style bands will roll. Please be safe and smart with your application and use of this product.

Sorinex Infinity Tubes™ (2)
*All Bands Sold In Pairs

Set Includes:
Very Light (Orange)
Light (Red)
Medium Light (Black)
Medium (Purple)
Medium Heavy (Green)
Heavy (Blue)