Recon Rings

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   Length                16″
   Weight                5 lbs
   Diameter            2″
   Finish                  Rope, webbed sleeve

2" Nylon Rope Ring
Protective Cordura Sheathing
Integrated Carabiner
Easy Adjustment Straps & Buckles

The Sorinex Original Recon Rings take the challenge of gymnastics rings and supercharge it.  The Recon Rings are 2″ diameter rope rings that train your forearms and grip strength. Increase the difficulty of traditional pull ups, dips, or ring muscle-ups.

The Cordura Sheathing prevents unnecessary wear on the rings and increases longevity. Can hang from anywhere: a tree, stairway, squat rack, balcony, or anything else you can think of. We use these daily in our training facilities for body rows, incline pushups, sled/car pulls, and lower body works as the rope rings conform to the foot and ankle placement. Quick and simple height adjustments make the Sorinex Recon Rings an extremely versatile tool.

Recon Ring w/ Carabiner (2)
Easy Adjustable Strap & Buckle (2)  


Recon Rings Spec Sheet