Mighty Mitts™ Anvil Trainer

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   Width                      Tapers out to 3.75"
   Height                     23.5"

When the 2010 Mighty Mitts contest debuted on the Arnold Classic stage, the strength world got its first glance at the historical Jowett Anvil (173lb.), and the inherent difficulty that goes with attempting to lift and carry this cumbersome brute. One grip giant after another clashed with the Anvil, and in the end, only a few left their mark on the With the Sorinex Anvil Trainer, you can work your way up to grip greatness and maybe one day take a shot at the Mighty Mitts title. Made of solid cast iron, with s similar texture, feel, height and position original anvil. Easy to transport at only 16lb., but can be loaded up to over 200lb. using normal Olympics plates.

Goal Level (male):
Average lifter - 100-130lb.
Strong athlete - 130-150lb.
Stud Horse - 150-170lb.
World Class Grip - 170lb.+

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Mighty Mitts™ Anvil Trainer Spec Sheet

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