Gym Aware

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   Length                                 9"
   Width                                   6"
   Weight                                11 lbs
   Material                              Plastic
   Wi-Fi                                     Yes
   Bluetooth                            Yes
   Apple Compatible             Yes

Measures more than just power.
Get the metrics you need to increase performance, Height, distance, dip, concentric time, rep rate, mean force, mean power, mean velocity, mean watt/kg, peak force, peak power, peak velocity, peak watt. Requires no external software. Easy set-up, when the power-tool connects, the application loads up and you are ready to go.

Info is calculated and presented: 
In real time!

The automatic rep detection works on standard lifts, jumps, Olympic lifts and power cleans thanks to the advanced rep detection and angle of lift measurements. You can also set a threshold for any parameter for visual and audio feedback to motivate athletes while training. Up to 50 complete sets, which are stored in the device for later review.

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Gym Aware Spec Sheet