Landmine™ Rack Attachment

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The Landmine™ is another Sorinex Original design. Originally developed in 1999 to help co-owner, Bert Sorin, train for Hammer throwing in preparation for the 2000 Olympic Trials. The Sorinex Landmine created an integrated system for safer and more efficient barbell movement. Presses, rows, rotational movements and more. It was the first product to allow angular barbell movements. The Rack Attached Land mine allows for angled barbell training right off the side of your rack, Low Bridge™ or other variations of 3" x 3" tubing with 1" holes. It brings the barbell inside a fixed, yet adjustable position allowing the athlete to perform sport specific movements. Attach it to your Sorinex rack system of choice and control the risk in your training environment. Built from the highest quality material to provide the professional athlete years of trouble free use. Allow more athletes than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility.


When Pops and Bert invented the Landmine™ in 1999, they said this new piece of equipment built "explosion at the ground level". Thus, the name Landmine™ was adopted. Since that time, this solution has become one of the most widely adopted, replicated, and used pieces of exercise equipment ever created. 


Landmine Dimensions
Landmine Dimensions

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   Length                    16.5"
   Width                      2.5"
   Weight                    10 lbs
   Fits                          Olympic Bars


Landmine™ Spec Sheet

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