XANIGO Atomizer Disinfectant Sprayer

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Prevent pathogens from spreading disease with the The Xanigo Disinfectant Atomizer. The Atomizer gives you the ability to disinfect a room of any size in a very short period of time. Viruses and bacteria can be detrimental to the health and lives of your athletes, students, and staff. Xanigo has taken the art and science of disinfecting to the next level by reducing inhalation risk. The atomizer is designed and tested to produce a droplet size that settles fast and dries in 90 seconds. The power of the Atomizer also enables it to use far less disinfectant than others to cover the same area resulting in a cost savings for your business.



   Rated Power                     120W(Cordless);550W (Corded)
   Spray Distance                 8ft (Cordless);12ft (Corded)
   Disinfectant Capacity    800mL
   Air Flow                               160L/min
   Rated Speed                      30000RPM
   Cord Length                       12ft (Corded only)


(1) Atomizer Disinfectant Sprayer
(1) Battery and Charger (with Cordless Only)


Xanigo Atomizer Cordless Spec Sheet

Xanigo Atomizer Corded Spec Sheet

Xanigo Atomizer 3rd Party Performance Testing

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