Wolf Brigade Mace

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Dating back to Hindu warriors and ancient wrestling cultures, the mace (or “Gada”) has been long-recognized as a vicious and effective strength training tool. With the majority of the weight centered in the ball or head, lifting and/ or swinging the mace challenges the entire body in ways that no other implement can. 

The angles and leverages, and “relative weight” it provides also make it an ideal complement/ supplement/ accessory to primary lifts. 

Each standardized, personalized mace features a seamless steel handle measuring 38-40″ in length (based on size chosen) and 1.25″ in diameter- Time-tested and well-vetted dimensions that will allow for sound and progressive swinging and lifting. 

The weighted end is solid cast-aluminum, and the handle features a contoured, unobtrusive end cap. Depending on the weight selected, the final overall length will stand between 44″, 48″.

Each mace is hand-marked with the initials of the purchaser. These are one-of-a-kind, hand-made products; If you are looking for a perfectly manicured, robotically-produced item, this is not for you.



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   Handle Diameter                1.25"
   Handle Length                    40"
   Overall Length                    44" - 48"
   8kg Ball Diameter              6.5"
   10kg Ball Diameter            7"
   12kg Ball Diameter            7.5"
   14kg Ball Diameter            8"
   16kg Ball Diameter            8.5"
   Material                                Seamless Steel, Aluminum
   Includes                                Wolf Brigade Mace (1)

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