Soft Plyo Boxes

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   Height                    6" | 12" | 18" | 24"
   Weight                   36 lb | 62 lb | 98 lb | 118 lb
   Depth                     30"        
   Width                     36"
   Material                Dense Foam


Sorinex Soft Plyo Boxes are perfect for box jumps and plyometric exercises. The dense foam core is firm while also being soft enough on the outside to not hurt your shins, great for new athletes to work their way up in height and build power without having to worry about injury. Strong velcro on the top of each box prevents slipping, and handles make it easy to remove or stack boxes.

Comes in heights of 3", 6", 12", 18", 24", or a full set.


Soft Plyo Box Spec Sheet