Raptor Weight Vest

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   Size                                          Elite 15: S-M, Elite 20: L-XXL
   Max Training Weight          Elite 15: 15 KG, Elite 20: 20 KG


The Raptor Weight Vest can be used by any ability level who want to develop the core strength, endurance, power and mobility that is demanded for today’s Athlete and Soldier.

Key Uses
Weight Loss
Walking and Hiking
Bodyweight Workouts
Power Yoga and Pilates
Suspension Training
Body Toning
Sprint Training
Speed Agility Quickness Drills
Strength and Conditioning
Military Fitness

Key Features
Premium tough quality construction using dual laminated materials to resist wear and tear
Optimal balanced weight load distribution
Designed to conform to your body’s movement and not bounce
Adjustable belt system that accommodates multiple size users and will not slide or come undone during workouts
Removable padded hygienic liner to keep your vest fresh
Enhanced padded shoulders for optimal comfort
Short body profile allows a better range of movement when exercising
Progressive fast weight loading system allowing better and safer progression for the user
Features fold away Raptor Anchor loop ring system to add even more resistance training using bungee cords or bands
Features Raptor D-Ring towing capability for pulling speed sleds or tires
Developed with Sports and Military professionals

Weight Vest (1)
Weight Bars (Elite 20: 16, Elite 15: 12)
Coolmax hygiene liner (1)
D-rings (2)
Loop rings (4)



Raptor Vest Spec Sheet