Raptor Tactical Weight Vest

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   Size                                      One Size Fits All
   Max Training Weight         45 lbs

The Raptor Tactical Weight Vest can be used by any ability level who want to develop the core strength, endurance, power and mobility that is demanded for today’s Athlete and Soldier.

Key Uses
Weight Vest
Heavy duty towing harness
Bungee Anchor System

Key Features
Optimal physical load carrying system
Max training weight 20kg
Safe weight distribution featuring fast in and out system
Securely modulated individual weight compartments
Anchor system for bungee cords/Vertimax/rubber bands
Heavy duty towing harness for sled/prowler
Tough construction for extended wear and tear
Designed to fit most Men and Women securely but allow maximum mobility and comfort
Anti-Bacterial Removable Coolmax liner for washing
6 x strong Anti-Corrosion loop and D-ring anchor points

Weight Vest (1)
Weight Bars (16)
Coolmax hygiene liner (1)
D-rings (2)
Loop rings (4)


Raptor Vest Spec Sheet