Rack Attached kPulley™

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   Width           14.4"
   Depth           13.43"
   Weight         22 lbs
   Wheel           Large: 0.050 KGM2



The Rack Attached Exxentric kPulley™ is a Sorinex exclusive product, only available through Sorinex Exercise Equipment. The kPulley is a ‘flywheel exercise device’. Which muscle is being exercised depends on which exercise is being performed. The principle is that through muscle force, you accelerate and decelerate a flywheel (or flywheels). Exercises with high intensity and high forces stimulate muscles to increase in size and the nervous system to increase activation of the muscles. These effects together increase strength over time, if the exercise is repeated regularly.

The resistance is variable and unlimited. The flywheel has a specified inertia and there is no upper limit to how much kinetic energy you can produce in the flywheel motion. You can think of the flywheel as a weight that weighs more with the more effort you put into lifting it. Resistance is variable, so if you pull less the flywheel will resist less. Every repetition in a maximal set is maximal instead of only the last one which is the case with traditional weights. This results in a higher training efficiency, earlier onset of strength increase and also hypertrophy.

kPulley Base with Sorinex ® rack attachment
Large Flywheel (1)
kPulley Handle (1)
kMeter II built-in
Drive Belt
Drive Belt removal tool
kPulley manual
kMeter II Quick Start Guide


kPulley™ Manual
Rack Attached kPulley™

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