OS Bumpers

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   Plate Diameter        17.72″ (IWF Standard)
   Hub                             Stainless Steel
   Sizes (LB)                  10, 15, 25, 35, 45
   Material                     Premium Rubber
   Warranty                   2 Years

The Sorinex OS Bumpers are an economical and entry level class of bumper weight plates. The Sorinex OS Bumpers are an upgrade production from your standard hi-temp bumper. Sorinex OS Bumpers have a very clean surface and smooth finish but do have an increased plate thickness to ensure plates durability. Sorinex OS Bumpers will meet your all-purpose needs from small-team facilities, training centers, and garage gyms.
Comes standard with “SORINEX” printed lettering.

Sold Individually. Branded Logo & Color Options Available.


Bumper Comparison Sheet
OS Bumpers Spec Sheet