Jammer Arm™ Adjustable Brackets

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   Made in USA            Yes
   Length                      11.5"
   Width                        10.5"
   Handle Width         14.5"
   Height                       14.5"
   Material                   11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                        Gloss or Textured Powder

Patent Pending Rack Mounted Attachment™ Point
Lock Compression Lever
Use with Jammer Arms™ for Upper & Lower Body Movement Capabilities

Convert your existing Jammer Arms from Fixed to Adjustable via the Jammer Arm Adjustable Bracket.

The Sorinex Jammer Arms were designed with future innovation in mind. An industry first. In the late 2000’s, Sorinex introduced the first ever rack attached Jammer Arms. Many coaches wanted to utilize traditional jammer press movements but did not want to sacrifice floor space in their weight rooms. Sorinex created an innovative training solution that has now evolved in the Adjustable Jammer Arms. As coaching philosophies changed and new training environments were created, the Jammer Arms found their home. Fast forward to 2018 and the Jammer Arms are replacing big clunky leverage pieces with modularity, functional safety, and space-saving movements. Bilateral and unilateral movements. Dynamic, variable, or isometric. Standing or seated. Press, row, squat, or pull. Your training options are limitless.

Our original design securely and safely locks Jammer Arms to your rack with no limitations for load capacity or standard rack functionality. Compatible with most 3x3" rack sides with 1-1/16" holes. Utilizing our industry first 4-way hole rack design with the Jammer Arms guarantees current and future innovation compatibility. Attach J-Cups, handles, or any other rack attachment. Your investment is protected.

Sorinex Jammer Arms are comprised of the highest quality American Made components and hardware to ensure maximal user experience. Bronze bushings, steel washers, and cold-rolled steel bolts guarantee longevity and sustained usability. Locking compression arms, adjustable rotation pins, bronze bushings, and high-grade rolling stabilizers create a rigid and secure attachment point for maximal user experience and safety. No slop or unwanted movement.

Until now, all rack attached products or tools have been fixed via welds or bolt-on attachment points. This solution creates a modular option for all attachments and accessories via the Patent Pending adjustable technology.

Safety Guidelines
• Hitch Pin should be used when using attachments on the Jammer Arms
•Jammer Arms are meant to hang, DO NOT store vertically
•Be aware of your surroundings, Jammer Arms swing out in a pendulum motion
•Keep body parts away from pinch points, Jammer Arms swing back and forth

Adjustable Jammer Arm Brackets (2)
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