IVANKO® OMEZH Olympic, Machined, E-Z Lift® Plate

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   25 lb Plate Diameter         12-3/16"
   45 lb Plate Diameter         17-3/4"
   Plate Thickness                  1-1/2"
   Material                                Cast-Iron

The E-Z Lift® Plate features a traditional, round shape, multi-opening, E-Z Lift® design. These plates incorporate 7 openings, not just two or three. These extra openings dramatically improve handling of the floor and on and of all machines or bars. Ivanko E-Z Lift® plates are the same diameter as conventional round Olympic plates and easily integrate with existing plates in the facility. All of the openings on Ivanko cast-iron plates have smooth radii and rounded edges for maximum comfort and safety while grabbing the plates. Because they are round, there are no sharp "points" or "edges" to cut floors and damage equipment as with "anti-roll" designs.

IVANKO® OMEZH Olympic, Machined, E-Z Lift® Plate (1)

*Plates Sold Individually

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