Hip Thruster

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   Length                  56"
   Width                    33.5"
   Height                  16"

The Hip Thruster is the best way to perform the hip thrust exercise, which is the most effective way to increase the strength and size of the gluteus maximus for enhanced sports performance. The Hip Thruster allows the use of resistance bands, free weights or a combination of both to create the biggest challenge to the glute muscles.

The Hip Thruster bench was created by world-renowned sports scientist, Bret Contreras, Ph.D., CSCS as a highly effective, convenient, and economical way to perform the hip thrust exercise from the comfort of home or in a variety of sports and fitness settings. Since inventing the hip thrust exercise in 2006, Bret’s extensive research and experiments into the muscle activity of the gluteus maximus during various exercises have been instrumental in shaping the way in which fitness professionals approach lower-body strength training.

The Hip Thruster is a standalone unit built to commercial quality and designed without moving parts to ensure durability. The incorporation of the bench within the Hip Thruster unit reduces the risk of injury to the trainee from movement of an unsecured bench.

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