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   Made in USA         Yes
   Length                   10.62”
   Width                     9.68”
   Height                    6.87”
   Case                       USA made military spec Pelican 1300 case
   Material                 316 stainless steel
                                    USA molded ABS
                                    USA molded Polypropylene

Speaker: Two 3 inch, 8ohm, aluminum cone with rubber surround drivers.
Audio Power: 94db@1ft. 11w per channel RMS. Class D audio circuitry.
Bluetooth: 100 feet (30 meter) range. Real world tested at over 100 feet, line of sight.
Actual performance depends on walls, RF interference and Bluetooth performance of your phone, tablet or laptop.
Audio Input: 3.5mm audio jack in addition to Bluetooth.

Battery: 2600mAh Lithium Ion @12.6v. Up to 50 hours play time between charges.
Battery life depends on audio volume, ambient temperature, charging habits and USB charge port usage.
Charge Time: Approximately 4 hours to full when battery is depleted.
On-Device Control: On/Off switch.

A/C Charger (100-220v input, DC 12.6v@1A output, center positive)
3.5mm stereo cable (1 meter long)
Port Plug
Quick Start Guide