Back Attack™ Machine

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   Made in USA                  Yes
   Depth                             60"
   Width                              80"
   Height                            66″
   Material                         11 Gauge American Steel
   Upholstery                    Double-Stitched Premium Naugahyde
   Weight Stack                Plate-Loaded



The Sorinex Back Attack is an original design created almost 2 decades ago. It is the secret training tool for some of the strongest gyms in the world. In 2000, Richard and Bert Sorin alongside Olympic Medalist Lance Deal, innovated a way to safely strengthen glutes and hamstrings without risk of injury to their arms and shoulders. Similar in movement pattern to a Good Morning, the Back Attack increasingly loads the posterior chain as the movement is performed. Plate loaded with band attachment options for maximum versatility. 


Back Attack™ Spec Sheet
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