ACFT Kit 40LB Domestic Kettlebell

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   Material            Cast Iron - American Made
   Size                   40 LB
   Finish                Black Texture Powder Coat

#MadeAmerican is a term we live by. While many have now began new initiatives and processes to secure American manufacturing supply chains - we have been hard at work in the shadows. Since August, we have produced over 40,000 American-Made Kettlebells for the U.S. Army and new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT).
We are dedicated to waking up American Manufacturing. Follow along over the next couple of weeks as we showcase our story, our American manufacturing partners, and the people behind the supply of the largest military fitness contract in the history of the United States. #BeLegendary
Today, we are proud to offer the official 40 LB ACFT American-Made Kettlebell to everyone. The complete set will be available this summer.


Sold Individually.

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