XL™ Uber Rack & a Half

Length: 95.4″

First 4-Way Hole Design
Unlimited Bolt Design
3″ x 3″ Rack Sides
11 Gauge Steel
1″ Bolt Fasteners
Custom Logo Options

The Sorinex XL Rack & Rig Series was designed out of necessity. An evolution from the first Basefit rig, which was the GENESIS of the modern CF “Rig” with modular pieces that are customizable to fit any space and application. All copies and other companies’ RIGS are based on this design. First modular, easily shippable, the designed rack that could be customized and fit almost any room or application. This changed the game, linking lifting with gymnastics movements, PT, and accessory lifts. This allowed large groups to more easily run barbell circuits, pull-ups etc. Prior to this, CF’ers had a custom welded pull up rig, which did not have holes in the uprights for barbells movements (and the uprights were placed too far apart, 8 ft). Massive wastes of space and money, that was often unmovable if they wanted to adjust the room or move to a different space. People would wall mount chin bars, and use squat stands piled in the corner. Bumpers were stacked against the wall. Dip stands were separate. Basefit changed all of that.

For the BaseFit Rig (2″ x 2″) – it gave the CF’er the option to start small in their garage, and grow/reuse their equipment into a business, larger business etc with no loss of hard resources. Military use was also a part of the design, to offer a deployable rack solution that the soldiers downrange did not have to leave once they left, and they could customize however they wanted, break it apart, add to it etc and get strong anywhere in the world. Both designs were at Sorinex HQ at Summerstrong 1 (2008) and the Basefit Rig was first shown in mass to the public at the 2008 CF Games (2) in Aromis, California at Dave Castro’s family ranch. We actually had that first Basefit Rig powder coated black texture, tan and heat resistant OD green on that first order. Years later, the XL Series was born.

Rest assured, with your purchase of an XL Series Rack or Rig, you are investing in your future. You are investing with the innovators and developers of fitness/strength training with racks and rigs as we know it.

XL Series – A History of Firsts
First 4-way hole design
First moveable, adjustable, customizable storage
First rack with unlimited configurations
First to use “utility pin”
First horizontal safety strap
First bridges between racks to maximize dead space
First jammer arm attachments
First utility seat for box squats & step-ups inside the rack
First single leg pads for Bulgarian squats / nordic hamstring/ab work
First rack with the ability to train off the side

Sandwich Style J-Hooks (3 Pair)
Full Safety Bars (Pair)
Half Safety Bars (2 Pair)
Safety Straps (Pair)
Single Chin (2)
Double Chin (1)
Full Arch w/ Custom Logo (1)
Landmine (2)
Utility Seat (1)
2 Bar / Utility Seat Storage (1)
Roller Pad (2)
Adjustable Urethane Pins (6)
XL Series Storage Pins (10)

Custom logo work available, call (803) 978-2253 for pricing and additional information.

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