Sorinex Recon Rings

Weight: 5 lbs
Length: 16″
Diameter: 2″
Material: Rope, webbed sleeve

The Sorinex Original Recon Rings take the challenge of gymnastics rings and supercharge it.  The Recon Rings are 2″ diameter rope rings that train your forearms and grip strength. For functional training looking to push their limits, there’s no cheating on muscle-ups with these bad boys, you’re doing them like a beast or sitting down. The rope is covered in a black cloth sheath to prevent unnecessary wear on your hands or the rings. We’ve tested each Recon Ring to support over 2,000 LBS of support, so they’re guaranteed to hold up and of course they are made in the U.S.A.

They’re also light enough to travel anywhere and can hang from anywhere: a tree, stairway, squat rack, balcony, or anything else you can think of. We use these daily in our training facilities for not just pull-ups, muscle-ups, and dips, but also for body rows, incline pushups, sled/car pulls, and lower body work as the rope rings conform to foot and ankle placement.

Travels easily in gym bag or suitcase. Quick and simple height changes as well with our one fluid motion adjustment buckles. Grab a set of Recon Rings and show us what you’re really made of…

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