Sorinex Prime Urethane Bumpers

Plate Diameter: 17.72 inches (IWF Standard)
Steel 6-Screw
Urethane Rubber
Plates Thickness:

10LB 21mm (0.86 inches) -/+2mm (0.08 inches)
25LB 30mm (1.18 inches) -/+2mm (0.08 inches)
35LB 40mm(1.57 inches) -/+2mm (0.08 inches)
45LB 51mm (2.01 inches)-/+2mm (0.08 inches)
55LB 60mm (2.36 inches)-/+2mm (0.08 inches)

Competition Urethane Rubber
6-Screw Steel Collar
Minimum Bounce
Sorinex Branding Comes Standard
Custom Color & Logo Options
Bumper Comparison Chart

The Sorinex Prime Urethane Bumpers set the standard for competition urethane weight plates. The color coding and labeling process adhere to each dimension of the Sorinex Prime Urethane Bumpers. Easier to recognize, identify and organize your gear. In the center of the plates, Sorinex Prime Urethane Bumpers have a large steel disc collar with six screws, which securely locked in and integrate with all Olympic sized weightlifting barbells. The Sorinex Prime Urethane Bumpers can be used in all-purpose environments, collegiate and professional athletic facilities, military strength & conditioning rooms and Olympic weightlifting centers. The custom logo and color configurations are endless. Limited only by lack of creativity.

Sorinex Prime Urethane Bumper (1)

Custom logo work available, call (803) 978-2253 for pricing and additional information.
Sold Individually.
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