FrankenHyper™ Machine

Bench Type: GHD
Weight: 400 lbs
Width: 36″
Length: 72″
Height: 48″
Pad Width: 18″
Pad Thickness: 3″
Pad Gap: 3″
Material: 11 ga. steel
Size: 3×3
Upholstery: Double-stitched premium Naugahyde
Finishing: Black Texture Powder Coat
Wheels: Yes
Band Pegs: Yes

The Sorinex Original Frankenhyper was created in 2013 and combines the Glute Ham with a pendulum hip extension. Add plate storage, ball storage and a tab for handles that allow you to increase upper body work capacity, and you have a monster posterior chain training machine that only takes up a few square feet of space in your facility. The Frankenhyper allows for the entire rear of the body to be worked through contraction and decompression unlike anything before. Only from Sorinex.

•Extra heavy duty  Glute Ham pad with removable “man canyon”.
•Pendulum style weight arm for swinging hip extension and decompression.
•Wide, aluminum checker footplate.
•Foot pedal adjustment for easy use.
•Ball and plate holder for the athlete (med ball throws, twists, sit-ups).
•Plate storage to feet pendulum weight arm.
•Handles on the foot plate.
•Glute ham section controlled by double parallel lever adjustment.
•The tab for upper body exercises using pendulum arm (face pulls, 1 and 2 arm rows, curls, triceps, pull thru’s, presses, TKE’s, YTM’s).

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