Sorinex Base Camp power lift Rack

The Most Versatile Rack on the Market

The Sorinex Base Camp rack is our premiere rack offering, made by professionals for professionals. The Base Camp rack design and name represents the start of your training journey. An industry first 4-way hole design boasts 1,184 total holes offering limitless training opportunities. Built with expansion in mind, not replacement. As you grow, the Base Camp rack  grows with you via new attachments, customizable storage, bridges, and outriggers. Long gone are the days of waisted iron and dollars simply because of changing training philosophies. The Base Camp rack is the most versatile rack ever created. Allowing more people than ever to train at one station, increasing the carrying capacity of your facility. The configurations and adjustments are endless, limited only by your creativity. Forever changed is the world available to strength practitioners.


Base Camp rack variations

Uber Package Upgrade

Base Camp Rack Uber Package Upgrades


    Made in the USA
    Numbered Holes
    Welded 3" by 3" Rack Sides
    Width: 47"
    Height: 101.4"
    11 Gauge Steel
    1" Cold Rolled Steel Bolts
    Branded Logo / Color Options
    Fully Customizable
Sorinex Base Camp Rack


White, Black Gloss, Slate Grey, Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Metallic Silver, Navy Blue, Orange, Gold, Forest Green, Black Texture. Clear Coat and Clear Grind options are available for upgrade.

Sorinex Rack Colors


Our iconic 1” Cold Rolled Steel Bolts are available in Bright Zinc with the option to upgrade to Black Zinc at an additional cost. Color branded washers and other components are available to craft a one-of-a-kind solution.

Sorinex Branded Hardware

Branded Solutions


To us, Custom means a hand-built solution from start to finish. Every situation is unique. We start by asking the right questions to co-create a one of a kind solution for each client. All of our products are made to order, and because of that fabrication times can be longer. Depending on product scope, fabrication time may vary.


Custom Solutions

Our design process begins with a strong understanding of your needs and vision. Together with your dedicated Solutions Specialist and Designer, we analyze and brainstorm various concepts to ensure maximum potential. We will bring your concept to reality through a series of in-person and remote planning sessions where you will have the opportunity to view your room in 3D digital renders and virtual reality.



We use an unsurpassed quality control process to ensure safety and BOMB PROOF construction. Your gear is tested and inspected at each stage of manufacturing. It is tested by experienced lifters who understand the stress your equipment will be prepared to endure.



We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by ensuring proper fit and finish with every install from the moment our first truck door opens until we tighten your last 1" cold-rolled steel bolt. Whether it is new construction, remodel, or simple replacement, we understand that changes happen, and because of the versatility of our gear and people, we are prepared to solve any unexpected challenges during your install to ensure timeliness and ultimate satisfaction.

Click below to have one of our Solutions Specialists contact you and guide you through our Made to Order process. We look forward to outfitting equipment tailored to you and your athletes’ needs. If you have any immediate questions please click the chat button located in the bottom right and our Customer Service Representative will be right with you.


Base Camp Power Rack Spec Sheet
Base Camp Single Rack Spec Sheet
Base Camp Half Rack Spec Sheet
Base Camp Rack and a Half Spec Sheet
Base Camp Double Full Rack Spec Sheet
Base Camp Double Half Rack Spec Sheet
Armored Base Camp Rack Spec Sheet
Custom Logo Spec Sheet