Sandwich Style J-Hooks

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Increase your rack’s resilience with our improved Sandwich Style J-Hooks. Urethane center and overhang to protect your barbell and logo plate, and increase the longevity of the Sorinex Sandwich Style J-Hooks. The curved design increases safety and minimizes the risk of the bar getting “caught” under a j-hook on the way up. Attach to the front or inside of racks for integrated barbell or specialty bar movements and storage. The Sorinex Sandwich Style J-Hooks utilize our industry First 4-Way Hole Design allowing all bars, brackets, and add-ons to be secured in any direction front to back or side to side.



   Width                    3.5"
   Height                   10.25"
   Depth                    11.6"
   Includes               J-Hooks(Pair)
   Fits                        3"x3" Tube w/ 1" Holes

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