Rudioactive T-Shirt

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Sorinex has teamed up with Former United States Marine, American Conservationist and Co-Founder of Force Blue, Rudy Reyes to create his signature tee. All profits will be donated to Force Blue.

FORCE BLUE is the only nonprofit organization in the world that provides “mission therapy” for former combat divers — individuals in whom governments around the world have invested millions to create the best possible underwater and maritime operators — by retraining, retooling and deploying them on missions of conservation, preservation and restoration.

By uniting the community of Special Operations veterans with the world of marine science and conservation in one, mission-focused program, FORCE BLUE has created a model of caring, cooperation and positive change with the power to restore lives and restore the planet.

Harkening back to the days of Jacques Cousteau and the French Commando frogmen he trained, FORCE BLUE is creating a modern-day cadre of elite combat veterans with the aptitude and ability to achieve great things on the conservation front, and the visibility to let the world actually know about it.


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