Clam Shell™ Grip

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   Made in USA           Yes
   Thickness               3" or 4"
   Width                       5.3"
   Height                      8.75" | 9"
   Weight                     3": 7 lbs | 4": 8 lbs
   Material                  Solid 3/8"Steel

Natural steel finish that will weather through use and gain patina
Available in 3" thickness and 4" thickness
Approved by Armlifting USA
Closely replicates the world famous Blob
Can be used single or in pairs on a barbell shaft

This totally unique and portable way to develop pinching muscles of the hands and forearms can be thrown in your gym bag and brought to any gym in America using existing dumbbells for resistance. It can be used single or in pairs on any standard dumbbell handle and can also be used in pairs on a barbell shaft. Trains exceptionally well with the Sorinex Saxon Bar. The precision bronze bearings gives a premium opening and closing motion to closely follow your grip.


Clam Shell™ Grip Spec Sheet